NIH’s Dr. Matthew Memoli Opposes COVID Vaccine Mandates


Figureheads who support COVID vaccine mandates continue to make themselves loud and clear. They’re relentless in their assertions that anyone who refuses to take the COVID vaccine should face job loss, societal exclusion, etc.

Many Americans have had it up to here when it comes to COVID vaccine mandates. The nation is witnessing protests break out even in states like California, Washington, and New York, reliably leftist states.

It’s very apparent that pro-mandate folks have no intentions of backing down. However, the same applies to individuals who oppose these medical mandates.

This month, Americans learned that Dr. Matthew Memoli with the National Institutes of Health is opposed to COVID vaccine mandates.

What to know about the doctor’s views on COVID vaccines and mandates

Health officials who are not on board with COVID vaccine mandates are generally denied media coverage. However, Memoli is now the exception to the unfortunate rule.

The NIH doctor believes people who are elderly, sick, and more at-risk are the ones who should receive COVID shots. Furthermore, Memoli is also of the view that giving out COVID vaccines to virtually any and everyone is not scientifically sound or in keeping with natural immunity.