Lyft Announces Pay Increases, Bonuses to Attract More Drivers to Rideshare App


Earlier this week, rideshare company Lyft made waves amid its new partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). During tomorrow’s Super Bowl, all Lyft drivers will receive in-app alerts of a tutorial that informs them of steps they can take to recognize and safely report human trafficking.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas believes this initiative is one of numerous actions that society must take to combat the buying and selling of human beings. Mayorkas also informed the public that Lyft and DHS teaming up in this manner will save lives.

As it turns out, Lyft is also employing further initiatives that involve motorists. Days ago, the rideshare company announced all of its drivers will receive base payments – with the potential for more bonuses – on a weekly basis.

What to know about new changes coming to Lyft

In 2023, both Lyft and Uber faced allegations of withholding earnings from their drivers and denying New York motorists sick pay. As a result, both rideshare giants consented to disburse a settlement of $328 million. However, Uber is much bigger than Lyft, meaning Uber can recover from setbacks more easily.