Lyft, DHS Join Forces to Combat Human Trafficking


In the United States, human trafficking is a pervasive crime that far too many people lack an understanding of. This notion that trafficking victims have to be kidnapped, for instance, is a dangerous misconception.

Contrary to the ignorance that often surrounds this issue, many people are trafficked by individuals who are known to them. It is sadly not uncommon for trafficked persons to suffer at the hands of their romantic partners, family members, and others who claim to love them.

Suffice it to say, combating human trafficking has never been more imperative. Thankfully, rideshare company Lyft is teaming up with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to help make this happen.

What to know about the new partnership between Lyft and DHS

DHS announced via a public statement that its Blue Campaign will join forces with Lyft in creating a tutorial for the rideshare company’s motorists to access. Individuals driving for Lyft in America and Canada will get information that notifies them of the following key details:

  • Signs that a rider may be a victim or perpetrator of human trafficking
  • Necessary steps to alert the proper authorities of suspected human trafficking incidents

The program kicks off this Sunday during the Las Vegas Super Bowl. Lyft drivers will hence receive in-app notifications about the tutorial and other critical components of human trafficking awareness.