New CDC Study Links Stress in Teens to Drug and Alcohol Abuse


For years on end, people have rightfully sounded the alarm about teenagers using drugs and alcohol. Teens remain ill-equipped to handle these substances; moreover, they can be deadly, especially when blended or rapidly ingested.

Today, most parents go above and beyond to keep their kids away from illicit narcotics and booze. However, a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shines a light on key factors driving children to ingest noxious substances.

As one might imagine, knowing what motivates this epidemic goes hand in hand with finding a solution.

A dangerous coping mechanism

Unfortunately, many teenagers who struggle with personal relationships frequently turn to illicit substances to soothe the pain. The CDC documents that almost 75% of teens who abuse drugs and alcohol do so to rid themselves of stress and start feeling relaxed.

44% even admitted they rely upon harmful substances to fight depression and anxiety, do away with certain problems (at least temporarily), or forget about traumatic memories.