MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Senate hearing witnesses suggest Pennsylvania was ‘fraught with inconsistencies and irregularities’

Early voters cast their ballots for the general election in The Hague, Netherlands. REUTERS/Michael Kooren

In a highly contentious Senate hearing on election security, multiple witnesses testified about a series of mail-in ballot “irregularities” that occurred during the 2020 presidential election which has led to a hotly debated victory for Joe Biden.

Throughout the hearing Democratic lawmakers sparred with Republicans, claiming they were spewing ‘disinformation’ and the election has already been decided.

Conversely, Republicans derided Democrats for ignoring cases of fraud and their previous attempts to impeach President Trump during the Russia investigation, where Democrats disseminated and used fraudulent information to make their case, insinuating a pattern of behavior common on the left.

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One witness, in particular, offered damning testimony of Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot system which has been surrounded with suspicion and unlikely ‘coincidences.’ In his testimony, Pennsylvania state Rep. Francis X. Ryan said he “was so fraught with inconsistencies and irregularities that the reliability of the mail-in votes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is impossible to rely upon.”