Mainstream Media Outlets and Partisanship


A new survey conducted by Morning Consult and The Hollywood Reporter provides considerable insight into how Americans view various mainstream media outlets.

A substantial amount of people in this country believe that various news media platforms harbor notable political leanings.

Reviewing the Findings of the Survey

In a nutshell, voters in America are likelier to view CNN as a “more liberal” outlet. Likewise, these same voters are also highly likely to perceive Fox News as “more conservative.” Participants in the aforementioned poll furthermore cited NBC, MSNBC, CBS and ABC as “more liberal” news platforms.

Generally, Fox News is favored by Republicans while CNN is largely disfavored. The same dichotomy exists with Democrats, yet in reverse. While Democrats overwhelmingly view CNN in positive regards, they also see Fox News in a considerably negative light. Moreover, Democrats are prone to seeing ABC, NBC, and CBS as credible outlets.

Polled individuals within the Morning Consult and The Hollywood Reporter review also weighed in on cable news. 48% maintained that cable news airs opinions more regularly than facts. 19% conversely stated that cable news airs facts on a more frequent basis than opinions. Only 33% of polled individuals claimed they didn’t know the answer to this particular inquiry.

The Perception of Mainstream Media Outlets

The perception of mainstream media outlets depends upon a variety of factors. Since the Trump presidency, however, talk about the credibility of various news reporters has significantly mounted. Individuals with both left-wing and right-wing political leanings have given their thoughts on fake news and which platforms deliver it most often.