Major Protests Spread Across France Like Wildfire


However, amid economic instability and inflation, some in the country’s government believe the time that workers can afford to strike has a limit. In a nutshell, the game plan of Macron and others in government seems to be waiting until the rage eventually dies down and blows over.

Meanwhile, people planning to visit France, especially tourists, need to be on guard and aware of what’s happening. Road travel may come with some complications, along with access to services, amid major strikes throughout the country.

People in France hoping to use public transit, such as trains, may also incur some notable delays, due to present strikes.

Macron holds firm to his view that having 64 as the pension age in France is best for the country going ahead. The president also expressed disappointment that many of his people in France don’t share the same outlook.

Critics of Macron, such as Arthur Delaporte of France’s Socialist party, allege that he is in denial and “up in the clouds” concerning the nation’s affairs.