Major Protests Spread Across France Like Wildfire


France is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Travelers from all across the globe often visit iconic French areas, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Though right now, France is going through some hard times. Many of the nation’s residents are protesting over President Emmanuel Macron’s choice to move the pension age to 64. So far, the age for eligibility has stood at 62.

The French people aren’t pleased about this and are making their voices heard nationwide.

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What to know about the protests in France

French unions rallied for peaceful protests. However, demonstrations have quickly taken a violent turn. In Bordeaux, for instance, the city hall’s front door burned after protesters set it ablaze.

In Paris, various street fires broke out. Trash also continues to pile up on the streets, seeing as garbage workers remain on strike in protest of Macron’s stance on the pension age.

France’s capital city has likewise seen hundreds of police officers injured and hundreds more individuals arrested for violence. Public buildings in cities such as Rennes and Nantes are furthermore getting caught in the crossfire…literally.

What comes next?

Right now, France’s president is showing no sign of backing down on increasing the pension age.