Many People Remain Apprehensive About AI, Potential Risk Factors


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just here, but it’s also here to stay. People are using AI to further their businesses, make their personal lives easier, and otherwise enjoy various conveniences that life has to offer.

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Unfortunately, there are very widespread societal concerns about AI and its impacts on the future. Many folks remain deeply skeptical and scared about how AI could affect jobs, people’s quality of life, and more.

Even some experts who have familiarity with AI continue to sound the alarm about particular aspects of it.

Red flags raised

Right now, many folks feel that AI could serve as the catalyst for major disasters.

Mass-scale job loss and rapid advancements of robots are just a few examples. Likewise, people feel that misinformation may receive a greater platform to spread and decieve large swaths of the population.

Other apprehensions about AI deal with the government possibly abusing the technology to control people and track them in their day-to-day lives.

Mass human reliance on AI furthermore stands as a concern. If AI spirals out of control or otherwise makes certain mistakes, having significant swaths of humanity dependent upon it could backfire.

Potential for good

The red flags raised about the possible future of AI are worth taking into account. Putting safeguards in place to avoid catastrophes with AI could also prevent various disasters that people have forewarned about.