Marianne Williamson Exits 2020 Race


In the statement announcing the end of her presidential run, Williamson expressed “love and gratitude” towards the folks who supported her. The self-help guru furthermore explained that she became a candidate in order to “discuss things [she] felt needed to be discussed that otherwise were not.”

Williamson also admitted that the emergence of primaries and caucuses has caused her to realize that she simply won’t get the votes. Shortly thereafter, the author touched upon some of what she hopes to see in the future.

In Williamson’s own words:

“From rescuing underserved, at-risk and traumatized children; to proactively waging an agenda for peace and making humanity itself America’s greatest ally. To integrative health models within our health care system and incentivizing health.”

Where Williamson Struggled Most as a Candidate

In the days and weeks leading up to yesterday, Williamson faced significant issues as a presidential candidate.