Mark Cuban is Excited About Cryptocurrencies in 2022

Mark Cuban by Getty Images
Mark Cuban by Getty Images

Billionaire Mark Cuban is among the bullish celebrities of cryptocurrencies and the technology that revolves around them.

Mark said he is excited to see the “new and unique” crypto applications that may “replace existing business processes,” in a CNBC Make It interview. “Smart contracts can change the world.”

Smart contracts are digital agreements written in code. They are stored on the blockchain and are essential to powering decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and applications among others. 

Cuban has been vocal about his belief in smart contracts. The billionaire has even attributed being an “Ethereum maxi” to the capabilities of the blockchain’s smart contract.

“I like [ether] more [than bitcoin] because I can see an unlimited number of applications that will change the [business and] consumer world forever,” Cuban tweeted on Oct. 16. “And to use them, you need to buy [ether].”

The “Shark Tank” investor and Dallas Mavericks owner is hoping to see other use cases for smart contracts. Cuban suggested that carbon offsets could be monetized using the blockchain.