66% Of UK Consumers are Aware of Cryptos, 51% of Those Own Them

Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom U.K.
Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom U.K.

Almost 66% of UK consumers said that they are aware of cryptocurrencies. 29% of the figure said that they already made investments in digital assets — suggesting that cryptocurrencies are becoming an important part of the financial services mainstream, according to a survey by Coinbase in 2021.

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Data from Insider Intelligence

Data suggests that 51% of UK consumers who own cryptocurrencies made started investing in 2019 onward. In other words, crypto assets are a newcomer to the investing mainstream of people in the UK.

Meanwhile, 55% of cryptocurrency investors are planning to increase their investments in the next year. The data demonstrate a strong and active investment environment. 

Insider comment on the data saying: “We expect more incumbent investment managers, like wealth managers, to react to growing investor crypto interest by offering exposure to their clients in 2022.”

On the other hand, major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and trading platforms like Robinhood are the biggest gainers from the surge of the cryptocurrencies trading activity.