Marvel writer DeKnight quits in protest of  editor-in-chief’s deception 


 Bleeding Cool broke the story Cebulski used to write under the pseudonym Akira Yoshida from 2004 to 2006. This was while he was an associate editor at Marvel.

It was also discovered he was fabricating backstories. While posing as Yoshida, he claimed he grew up in Japan. And also claimed he worked for the Japanese manga publisher Fujimi Shobo. This was totally false.

Marvel had him write as Yoshida to bring an “authentic” Japanese voice into the comics. And the irony is that there was nothing authentic about Yoshida.

“I love working with Marvel but will not pursue or accept future work until this is resolved. I hope other more high-profile creatives in the comic book biz will follow suit,” DeKnight tweeted.

In another tweet, he claimed it is beyond his understanding that Marvel would “allow a man who climbed to the top through cultural identity theft to remain in that position.”.

Cebulski reportedly received no consequences for posing as an Asian man. And even when he admitted the rumors were true, he was allowed to keep the editor-in-chief job.