Mayor de Blasio warns Trump of hefty fines if his company does not comply with NYC’s climate change law

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio-NYC Green New Deal
Credits: NYC official website

Mayor Bill de Blasio warned President Donald Trump that his company could face hefty fines if it does not comply with New York City’s new law to reverse the impacts of climate change.

Last month, the New York City Council passed a package of legislation known as the Climate Mobilization Act. It is a key component of the city’s Green New Deal, an aggressive initiative to fight climate change on all fronts.

The new law requires owners of big buildings in New York such as the Trump Organization to cut its greenhouse gas emissions. It will take effect on May 17, 2019.

Trump Organization could face $2.1 million in fines annually

The Trump Organization owns at least eight large building across New York City. Its buildings are dirty and inefficient—pumping approximately 27,000 tons of greenhouse gases every year. Therefore, it does not meet the emissions levels under the law.  It will owe around $2.1 million in fines annually starting 2030 if it does not clean up its buildings, according to the Mayor’s office.