McCarthy Warns Pelosi May Bring THIRD Impeachment Article Against Trump


Impeachment proceedings from last year remain ongoing as Democrats hold onto both impeachment articles.

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In December, House Democrats alleged that Trump committed obstruction of justice and abuse of power. During the votes of both of these articles, not a single Republican offered their support. As a matter of fact, the impeachment articles generated so much unpopularity that even a few Democrats voted against them.

Despite the New Year, any sign that Pelosi plans to fork over the impeachment articles to the Senate is absent. However, new reports from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy indicate that Pelosi may be attempting to bring a THIRD article of impeachment against Trump.

Everything You Need to Know About McCarthy’s Warning

The House Minority Leader spoke with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Saturday. Throughout his time on-air, McCarthy provided new insight not only into the impeachment proceedings, but also into moves that the House Speaker is making behind the scenes.