McDonalds is Cutting Down on Antibiotics

Photo by Joshua Austin on Unsplash

The largest fast food chain in the world has made a huge announcement. McDonald’s says they are changing what types of food to serve to its customers. Your fast food order from McDonald’s will now contain less antibiotics, according to a press release from the company. They are making this move to hopefully make their customers more healthy and less resistant to antibiotics in the future.

“McDonalds believes antibiotics resistance is a critical public health issue, an we take seriously our unique position to use out scale for good to continue to address this challenge,” said Keith Kenny, McDonald’s Global Vice President of Sustainability said.

The process to cut back on the amount of antibiotics consumed is very calculated. The company has a three step process to make it happen:

  • First, McDonalds is partnering with supplying beef producers in their top 10 beef sourcing markets to measure and understand current usage of antibiotics across a diverse, global supply chain;
  • By the end of 2020 McDonalds will establish reduction targets for medically important antibiotics for these markets; and
  • Starting in 2022 will be reporting progress against antibiotic reduction targets across their top 10 beef sourcing markets.

You can read about the full policy specifics here.