Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon Unite to Form Overture Maps Foundation – An Alternative to Google and Apple


In an effort to challenge the domination of Google and Apple in the online maps market, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon have joined forces to create the Overture Maps Foundation (OMF). 

It is an open maps data alternative to Google and Apple. And aims to revolutionize the way map data is accessed and utilized by developers and companies worldwide.

Until now, Google and Apple have held a firm grip on the online maps sector. They charge mobile app developers for access to their mapping services.

Meta and Microsoft took the initiative to collect and donate vast amounts of map data to OMF under the guidance of Marc Prioleau, the executive director of the foundation.

Overture Maps Foundation

The OMF has amassed an impressive database of 59 million points of interest, including restaurants, landmarks, streets, and regional borders, which are now made freely available as a base layer for a new map application.

 The primary objective of Overture is to create a baseline for map data that allows companies to build and operate their maps independently.