Microsoft continues sales of Huawei laptops despite U.S. ban


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) decided to continue selling Huawei laptops on its website after stopping it for sales amid the U.S. ban on the Chinese information and communications technology (ICT) giant.

Last month, President Donald Trump signed an executive order adding Huawei into the Entity List of companies deemed to undermine the foreign policy and national security of the United States.

The inclusion of the Chinese company in the list means U.S. companies are required to obtain permission from the federal government before doing any business with it.

Over the past several years, U.S. intelligence officials have been raising concerns that the Chinese government maybe exploiting Huawei for espionage. Therefore, they claimed that Chinese ICT poses a serious national security threat—the primary reason for the U.S. ban on its products and equipment.

Many believe that Huawei and U.S. companies including Microsoft have been caught in the middle of and negatively impacted by the escalating trade war between Beijing and the White House.

Microsoft is selling its existing inventory of Huawei devices

The U.S. Department of Commerce eased restriction on Huawei for 90 days after realizing the dire consequence on U.S. tech companies including Microsoft, Google and many more.

According to Microsoft, it is reviewing the Departments regulation related to the inclusion of Huawei in the Entity List. Its review resulted to its decision to resume sales of its existing inventory of the Chinese ICT’s laptops.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said, “We have been evaluating, and will continue to respond to the many business technical and regulatory complexities stemming from the recent addition of Huawei to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Administration Regulations Entity List. As a result, we are resuming the sale of existing inventory of Huawei devices at Microsoft Store.”

In addition, the spokesperson stated that Microsoft will continue delivering software update to existing customers using Huawei devices.

“We remain committed to providing exceptional customer experiences. Our initial evaluation of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s decision on Huawei has indicated we may continue to offer Microsoft software updates to customers with Huawei device,” according to the software giant’s spokesperson.