Mike Pence Kicks Off New Conservative Podcast


In partnership with the former vice president on this podcast is Young America’s Foundation, a conservative group. Pence’s partnership with this body comes in addition to a different partnership with Heritage Foundation, another conservative organization.

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The very first episode of American Freedom centers around 9/11 and the impacts that the attacks had on the country. Pence converses with Young America’s Foundation members along with students whose fathers passed away, due to 9/11 attacks.

Ultimately, the former vice president is hopeful that the American Freedom podcast will help him connect with younger Americans. Likewise, Pence will be traveling the United States to speak at various college campuses; this, too, will happen in partnership with Young America’s Foundation.

20 years later

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Many Americans have compared the national unity that followed these attacks against the current division facing the country now. Ultimately, there are Americans who would like to see our nation return to unity and togetherness with one another.