Missouri Judge Stops Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers


Joe Biden’s push for COVID vaccine mandates on Americans is facing historic levels of pushback. Business groups, religious bodies, and multiple states across the country have united in suing the president.

The reality is the federal government does not have the authority to pass vaccination mandates, especially without congressional approval. Earlier in the year, the White House even admitted widespread vaccine mandates did not fall under the role of the federal government.

Yet months later, they proceeded with these mandates anyway. Currently, an ongoing injunction remains against Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for anyone employed by a business with 100+ workers.

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On Monday, a Missouri judge blocked Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers spanning across ten different states.

The downfall of Biden’s vaccine edicts

Judge Matthew Schelp ruled the supposed benefits of having workers vaccinated against COVID are overshadowed by the immense damage that would come from healthcare workers losing their jobs. The judge ruled the loss of equipped staffers would impede healthcare agencies’ overall capacity to care for patients.