Mitch McConnell Slams Democrats’ Embrace of Socialism


Earlier today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed reservations about Democrats embracing socialism.

Reviewing McConnell’s Commentary on Socialism

During his time on the Senate Floor, McConnell condemned socialism. The Senate Majority Leader also denounced newly elected House Democrats, many of whom have promoted socialist policies.

In McConnell’s own words:

“Our nation has watched the Democratic Party take a sharp and abrupt left turn toward socialism. A flawed ideology that [was] rejected time and again across the world is now driving the marquee policy proposals of the new House Democrat majority.”

Mitch McConnell is not the first Republican to openly denounce socialism. Furthermore, Wednesday does not mark his first time speaking out about this subject matter. Earlier this week, McConnell spoke to the press in Kentucky; during his statements, he articulated shock over the newfound, leftist stance against capitalism in America.

“I never thought in my lifetime we would be debating the virtues of capitalism … having serious presidential candidates suggesting we ought to have socialism in this country. We’re going to have a great debate in 2020 about the very essence of America.”

How Do Americans Feel about Socialism?

In a nutshell, there is no one particular answer to this question. Americans across the nation have very contrasting outlooks on socialism. However, there are many factors which impact or contribute to the outlook which individuals are likely to have on socialism.

It goes without saying that left-leaning Americans are likelier to view socialism in a favorable manner. However, this does not mean that every Democrat is a socialist. What it does mean is that a rise of socialist rhetoric and socialist policies have emerged from the Democrat Party. The push for a Green New Deal and calls to do away with private healthcare are prime examples of such.

Conversely, right-leaning Americans are almost guaranteed to oppose socialism. Socialism directly conflicts with small government and individual liberties, two values which the right-wing tends to cherish. In recent months, more and more Republicans have spoken out about the merits of capitalism and the free market.

President Trump, on multiple occasions, has affirmed that the United States of America will never be a socialist nation.