Mitt Romney Fails to Clinch Utah GOP Nomination for Senate


Political observers were surprised by his defeat at the convention. They did not expect him to face a serious challenger.

Romney and Kennedy use “David and Goliath” message to attract delegates

Even, state Rep. Kennedy was stunned and said he wasn’t sure why he won more votes than Romney. He thought more delegates received his message positively. “I don’t know — it’s just my message” said Kennedy as quoted by CNN.

Both candidates appealed to the delegates using David and Goliath. Romney told delegates, “I’m not Goliath, Washington DC is Goliath.” He introduced himself as a neighbor, a person of faith who helped rescue the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002.

On the other hand, Kennedy said, In this battle you are David, firm in your fight for liberty. Goliath is Washington DC — intimidating but beatable. And I, I am your stone ready to be flung at the foes of liberty who seek to oppress us. Working together we will defeat the Goliaths in Washington and restore our government where it belongs.”