Mitt Romney Lauds Trump’s State of the Union Address


On Tuesday, Republican Sen. Mitt Romney weighed in on President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

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Reviewing Romney’s Commentary on the State of the Union Address

The Utah senator issued a statement about Trump’s address. Romney maintained that Trump successfully embodied American values whilst making notes of critical policy issues.

“The president’s speech was strong, well-delivered, and appealed to our patriotism and common values as Americans. He highlighted several critical policy areas where there are opportunities for both parties to work together. [This included] lowering health care costs, reforming trade policies to better protect American workers, and strengthening border security and immigration enforcement.”

Romney then stated that the Trump administration is worthy of acknowledgment for reducing regulations and taxes while boosting the economy for American workers.

More on Trump and Romney

President Trump and Sen. Romney have maintained something of a love-hate relationship. During Romney’s run for office, Trump issued an endorsement; however, when Trump announced his run for office, Romney criticized him and called upon the GOP to select a different candidate as their nominee.