More than Five in Ten Americans Fully Immunized Against COVID


The White House has invested top dollar into getting Americans to roll up their sleeves for COVID vaccines. Funding specifically goes towards ads promoting vaccination, the set-up of different immunization centers, and much more.

President Biden and others have maintained that Americans should get vaccinated.

Many Americans on both sides of the aisle are vaccinated against coronavirus; however, while Republicans are overwhelmingly in favor of letting each individual choose whether or not they get the vaccine, Democrats want the shot mandated and forced upon those who don’t want it.

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Yesterday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shared new information about the status of COVID vaccination in America.

Vaccination efforts in the United States

On Tuesday, the CDC announced that 50% of adults in the nation have complete vaccination status against coronavirus. This means that of the 168 folks to receive at least one shot against the virus, 135 million have full inoculation.

Right now, there are three separate COVID vaccines available: Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer. According to the CDC, more Americans have embraced Moderna and Pfizer, rather than the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer each require two separate doses, whereas the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is one and done.

President Biden has declared that he wishes to see at least 70% of the nation vaccinated against COVID before July 4 arrives. Earlier today, Biden also alleged that unvaccinated Americans are at risk of COVID infection and death or transmitting the virus to other people.

Adverse COVID vaccine side effects

Many Americans have taken the coronavirus vaccine without any issues; however, others have reported adverse side effects. Claims occurring most frequently include chills, anaphylactic shock, and even soreness at the injection site.

The CDC, of course, has largely downplayed the existence of adverse side effects following coronavirus immunization. Some health officials even suggested that perceived adverse side effects are merely due to “anxiety,” rather than the vaccine itself. Needless to say, this is not a response that inspires confidence in folks with reservations.

Meanwhile, the vaccine passport debate maintains. Democrats are all for mandatory vaccine passports in America; meanwhile, Republicans have moved to halt such vaccine passports. The GOP maintains that discrimination against the unvaccinated is wrong, as are medical privacy violations.