More Than Five in Ten Americans Want Biden Out of the White House


Last month, Biden opened up a can of worms that cannot be closed. The 46th president made several mistakes; the first was removing our country’s troops out of Kabul, Afghanistan before evacuating U.S. allies and citizens.

Biden’s next error arrived when he prioritized a deadline set by the Taliban over the safety of Americans trapped in Kabul. Now, countless U.S. citizens remain in a dangerous nation where the likes of the Taliban and ISIS-K are running the show.

Biden made things even worse by angering the Gold Star families of the 13 American Marines who died. Then, on Tuesday, Biden foolishly proclaimed that his withdrawal from Kabul was a success.

Amid all of this calamity, a new survey shows that more than five in ten Americans want President Biden out of the White House.

The American people on President Biden

This month kicked off with a new poll from Rasmussen Reports on Biden. According to the data, 52% of the country’s people are in favor of Biden resigning from office. Merely 39% stated that they do not believe the withdrawal warrants the resignation of the 46th president.