Pentagon Faces Claims of Allegedly Abandoning Service Dogs in Afghanistan


A lot of issues surround Biden’s chosen withdrawal from Afghanistan. This withdrawal empowered terrorists and led to 13 brave servicemembers tragically losing their lives. Meanwhile, Americans at this very moment are stranded in Kabul with no clear exit plan.

Biden’s view is that all of this is a success. In fact, the 46th president, on multiple occasions, has claimed that no part of this could have gone in a better fashion; the rest of America knows better though.

A few days ago, animal rights organization American Humane came out with some troubling assertions about the Biden administration. These assertions claim that the government willfully left behind our nation’s service dogs working with the United States military.

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The account from American Humane

On August 30, American Humane posted that the Biden administration abandoned our nation’s military dogs to the devices of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The animal rights organization also went on to note that on the final American flights leaving Afghanistan, service dogs were refused room to fly; this allegedly happened despite clear availability in the cargo storage section.

Following these troubling reports from American Humane, images appeared online of service dogs at the Kabul airport, locked inside crates. Needless to say, this did not go over well. Many Americans blasted the Biden administration for having the gall to subject U.S. service dogs to this sort of treatment.

A different account from the U.S. Pentagon

American Humane’s reports about the government’s treatment of service dogs caused a lot of heat. Shortly thereafter, the Pentagon responded to the statements from American Humane.

Per the Pentagon, the Kabul Small Animal Rescue was caring for the service dogs photographed in crates at the Afghanistan airport. Likewise, the Pentagon also stated the American military never abandoned service dogs in Kabul. Following this account from the Pentagon, the Military Working Dog Team Support Association confirmed it.

The Pentagon’s account of service dogs’ treatment varies greatly from that of American Humane. Moreover, it doesn’t seem likely that American Humane would make such claims about U.S. service dogs without credible reports and evidence.

Biden, himself, has not commented about the various claims of service dogs’ treatment.