Most Americans Believe Inflation Will Continue to Worsen


For over a year now, inflation’s been creating one problem after the next for everyday Americans. Inflation’s rise is causing fewer people to be able to pay for essential living costs; it also doesn’t help that interest rates are rising along with inflation.

When it comes to inflation in the United States, the White House has thrown out a series of claims that have simply been proven as false. Inflation wasn’t “transitory” and it’s certainly not just “high-class problems,” despite what the White House chief of staff said.

Inflation is having the worst effects on working class and middle class Americans. High-earners, by contrast, remain able to deal with more expensive costs without taking financial blows.

As all this plays out, a fresh new poll shows that most Americans anticipate the worsening of inflation.

The latest predictions involving inflation

A brand new poll by Washington Post-George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government provides some very real insight into what everyday Americans expect going forward.