The Mounting Plight of Credit Card Debt


Despite the advantages of debt prevention, this is not an option for tens of millions of Americans. USA Today encourages people in this situation to observe interest rates on their cards, make punctual payments, and seek out better rates.

Finally, USA Today’s 10 Week Plan to engender credit card debt reductions may prove helpful to many afflicted Americans.

The step-by-step plan reads as follows:

  1. Lower your monthly bills.
  2. Cut back on cable and TV bills.
  3. Learn how to reduce your electric bill.
  4. Invest and reduce your water bill.
  5. Save funds on groceries.
  6. Reduce the cost of daily transportation.
  7. Cut down on automobile charges.
  8. Reduce lodging expenses, applicable for both renters and homeowners.
  9. Lower costs associated with entertainment purposes. 
  10. Save money on your internet bill. 

Too many Americans are suffering from the plethora of negative offshoots which accompany excessive credit card debt.