Speaker Ryan: Trump ‘shithole countries” remarks is “unhelpful” and “unfortunate”

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Trump comments about shithole countries

House Speaker Paul Ryan described Presidential Donald Trump’s controversial “shithole countries” remarks as “very unfortunate” and “unhelpful.”

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Speaker Ryan shared his views regarding the issue during the WisPolitics event at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Friday. According to him, he read about the Pres. Trump’s meeting with the bipartisan group of senators regarding immigration on Thursday night.

Media reports indicated that the President became frustrated when the senators discussed reinstating the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) of immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and certain African nations. Pres. Trump reportedly asked, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here? Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.”

On Friday, Speaker Ryan said, “The first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful. But you know what I thought of right away? I thought of my own family.”

Speaker Ryan believes immigrants play a big part in America’s strength

The House Speaker then told the story about his ancestors who came to United States particularly in Janesville, Wisconsin from Ireland. He said, “My family, like a whole lot of people, came from Ireland on what they called coffin ships and came here and worked the railroads. The Irish were really looked down upon in those days.”