MSNBC Guest Calls David Clarke An “Uncle Tom”


On Saturday, Mark Thompson appeared on MSNBC as a guest and vocalized his opinions regarding former Sheriff David Clarke, as reported by Breitbart News.

Thompson’s Remarks About David Clarke

Thompson delivered the following statements regarding Clarke:

We’ve all known [Clarke] to be crazy and he’s an Uncle Tom — we’ve all known that as well. If it weren’t for John Lewis and the Civil Rights moment, he would never have been a sheriff and probably wouldn’t be on Fox News.

Backlash Regarding Mark Thompson’s Comments

Thompson’s statements engendered very strong backlash, especially from conservatives. This is readily apparent on social media and in the comments section of Breitbart News‘ report:

If you don’t toe the Liberal line and remain attached to the Liberal Plantation forever a slave to Massa Government you just aren’t Black.

MSNBC continues to give air time to black racists. MSNBC promotes racism in America.

Many people have slammed Thompson’s use of the word “Uncle Tom” as a form of racism. Why are black Americans only considered “black” when they subscribe to “flawed” liberal ideology, question Mark Thompson’s critics.