Pres. Trump Slams Reporter, Calls for His Firing after Misleading Photo


President Donald Trump criticized Washington Post reporter for tweeting a misleading photo of his “Make America Great Again” in Florida.

On Friday night, Dave Weigel, a political reporter for the newspaper tweeted a photo showing a mostly-empty venue. He took the photo hours before the event.

In a tweet on Saturday, Trump called Weigel’s photo a “phony.” He also demanded an apology and removal of the photo from the social network

Weigel immediately tweeted an apology to the President. He also explained that he deleted his initial tweet after a fellow media man told him that he had “gotten it wrong.”

In addition, Weigel emphasized that he posted the photo on his persona Twitter account. He did not submit it as story to the Washington Post.

In response to Weigel’s apology, Trump said the reported should be fired for his “fake picture.”

Trump attacks CNN, ABC News 

Earlier on Saturday, the President blasted CNN and stated it should change its slogan as the least trusted name in news.

He also attacked ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross for his erroneous reporting on Friday last week. He incorrectly reported that Trump ordered Michael Flynn to contact Russian officials before the 2016 election.

During the ABC World News Tonight that same day, Ross read a clarification stating that Trump asked Flynn to communicate with Russia after the elections. Flynn served as Trump’s national security adviser for a brief period. He resigned amid reports about his possible illegal contacts with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Last Sunday, ABC News apologized for the “serious error” in the report involving the President. The media network also suspended Ross for four weeks.

In response, Trump tweeted that stock market went down because of Ross’ “fake and dishonest” reporting. He encouraged people to sue ABC for damages due to its bad reporting.