Multiple States Oppose Proposal that Could Deprive Millions of Americans of Critical Benefits


“The C-CPI-U is not the appropriate measure of the annual increase in the cost of living for low-income families because there is no evidence that it more accurately measures those costs than CPI-U,” according to the coalition.

Additionally, the Attorneys General emphasized that using C-CPI-U will “result in ineligibility for or a reduction in benefits for millions of struggling Americans.”

Furthermore, the Attorneys General pointed out that “it would be arbitrary and capricious for OMB to change the index used in adjusting the poverty threshold.”

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New York AG says such proposal is a declaration of war against New Yorkers and Americans

In a statement, AG James said the proposed change will negatively affect tens of thousands of New Yorkers and millions of Americans. She noted that it will strip them of “crucial benefits and funding they need to attain a basic standard of living.

“This Administration has declared war on New Yorkers and Americans living in poverty,” said AG James.