Mutant COVID-19 variant is ‘out of control’ says U.K. Health Sec. Matt Hancock


After comparing the new mutant COVID-19 variant with older strains currently in circulation, Public Health England in collaboration with Imperial College London found: “figure of 70% looks like a good one, but we don’t have very good confidence intervals around that” Dr. Hopkins said.

Simultaneously, the latest data collected about the mutant suggests that it’s responsible for 43% of new infections in South East, and 59% of new cases in the East of England, and 62% in London.

No Christmas in the UK

Mr. Hancock said that he has no choice but to act and that Christmas is canceled for millions of people, and the reason behind it is the increase in cases which will make it very difficult to control the variant while waiting for the vaccine.

“As of 8 a.m. yesterday, 350,000 people have been vaccinated. We plan by the end of the weekend to have something around the half-million mark.” Mr. Hancock said