NARA Documents: White House Invokes ‘Executive Privilege’ to Shield Biden Family’s Controversial Past


The White House faces mounting scrutiny as it invokes ‘executive privilege’ to block the release of approximately 200 documents stored in the National Archives (NARA). The documents are related to Hunter Biden’s business interactions during the Obama administration.

These documents have come under intense public and legal scrutiny amid allegations of a controversial business scheme involving the President’s son, Hunter Biden.

Amidst mounting pressure from multiple quarters, including the watchdog organization America First Legal (AFL), which filed a lawsuit to access these NARA records, the White House has clamped down on the release of documents that could shed light on Hunter Biden’s business activities and their implications on the Biden family’s political legacy.

Executive privilege umbrella

The documents track an investigation into Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings while Joe Biden was the Vice-President. And there are details recently unearthed in the National Archive Records.

The documents in question span from January 2011 to December 2013 and pertain to Hunter Biden’s involvement with “Rosemont Seneca,” his business venture during his father’s tenure as Vice President of the United States.