NASA Announces UFO Team to study sky events


The team is also tasked with creating “a roadmap for potential UAP data analysis by the agency going forward.” 

Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator at NASA, said that “Exploring the unknown in space and the atmosphere is at the heart of who we are at NASA. Understanding the data, we have surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena is critical to helping us draw scientific conclusions about what is happening in our skies. Data is the language of scientists and makes the unexplainable, explainable.”

 The independent study team is being chaired by David Spergel, president of the Simons Foundation.  The NASA project leader is Daniel Evans, assistant deputy associate administrator for research at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

Evans explained that “NASA has brought together some of the world’s leading scientists, data and artificial intelligence practitioners, aerospace safety experts, all with a specific charge, which is to tell us how to apply the full focus of science and data to UAP.”