National Rifle Association Vows to Fight Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda


The NRA is not messing around. According to reports, the gun rights organization shall devote $600,000 to digital advertising in states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Maine, Montana, etc. Then, another $400,000 will go towards TV advertising in Montana, West Virginia, and Maine.

These states are not random, but targeted and intentional. Some of the NRA’s goals involve ensuring that Sens. Joe Manchin, Mike Braun, Susan Collins, and others support gun rights. Likewise, another $500,000 of the NRA’s budget against Biden’s anti-gun agenda will center around targeted mailing in Ohio, Alaska, Indiana, and other states.

From congressional legislation to executive orders

Biden has already made it clear that he wants Democrats to pass gun control reform; however, the president knows that getting this legislation through the Senate will be a tall order due to the filibuster and 50/50 party split.

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Rather than working with Republicans, the president simply wants what he wants. Biden, who has spoken of bipartisanship more than he’s employed it, is turning out to be a president of executive orders more so than any of his predecessors.