Poll: Independents, Republicans Strongly Against Packing the Supreme Court


Of all the bills Democrats have submitted, the court-packing Judiciary Act of 2021 is one of the most unpopular and polarizing of all. Democrats championing the Judiciary Act of 2021 want to make the United States Supreme Court comprised of 13 seats, rather than nine.

Democrats claim that there’s nothing wrong with adding seats to the court; in fact, when leftist lawmakers introduced their court-packing bill earlier this month, they dishonestly stated that Republicans set the precedent of packing the Supreme Court. In reality, the GOP did no such thing.

It turns out that Republicans are not the only ones in America who take issue with court-packing. A recent poll from Mason Dixon Polling and Strategy shows that a vast majority of Independent voters in the United States also oppose packing the Supreme Court.

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Where Independent voters stand on packing the Supreme Court

In a survey, the Mason Dixon Polling and Strategy asked polled individuals whether or not they believe President Biden should support Democrats’ court-packing legislation. The results spoke volumes.

A resounding 72% of Independents stated that Biden should not back the bill to add four seats to the court. 95% of Republicans surveyed said the same; however, only 33% of Democrats agreed that President Biden should not back the Judiciary Act of 2021.

Findings from the Mason Dixon Polling and Strategy confirm that packing the Supreme Court is deeply unpopular. The only political group to firmly rally behind this is Democrats; with vast swaths of Republicans and Independents against packing the Supreme Court, the writing is very clearly on the wall.

How will Democrats proceed with their court-packing bill?

At this time, the Judiciary Act of 2021 hasn’t been taken to the House floor for a vote.

Furthermore, the White House is remaining tight-lipped about whether or not Biden supports adding new seats to the Supreme Court. However, the Democrat president has already put together a commission to investigate potential reforms and changes to the court.

Republicans are continuing to speak out against Democrats and their push to add new seats to the Supreme Court. GOP officials ultimately maintain that this is a clear power grab for Democrats’ own political gain.