Navy Contractor To Pay $4.4M in Explosive Settlement

Navy Contractor To Pay $4.4M in Explosive Settlement

In a move that echoes the thunderous clash of battleships at sea, a renowned Department of Defense contractor from Pennsylvania has been torpedoed with a staggering $4.4 million payout.

Navy Contractor To Pay $4.4M

The waves have crashed hard on Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC), a veteran defense contractor, with the U.S. Attorney’s Office pulling the anchor on allegations of double-billing the U.S. Navy. The company’s murky waters have been exposed: NASC reportedly billed the Navy for specific labor and material costs under one contract and then audaciously rerouted those same charges to another, effectively pocketing payments twice.

Navigating Murky Financial Waters

The whirlpool of allegations didn’t end there. It is alleged that NASC cunningly shifted material costs from one contract to another, a blatant contravention of federal acquisition laws, all in a bid to circumnavigate cost ceilings and bloat their government payments. This revelation emerged from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, throwing light on the deceptive undercurrents.

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