Nearly Four in Ten Americans Blame Biden for Inflation


Inflation is on a historic rise with President Biden in the White House. Amid heavy spending and the lessening value of the American dollar, prices are going through the ceilings.

As inflation becomes more apparent, the Biden administration is being questioned about this. On the rare instances that the White House answered about the cause of inflation, they’ve attempted to blame former President Trump. However, when Trump was president, the inflation was not a factor in the economy.

As it turns out, Americans aren’t really buying the false notion that former President Trump bears responsibility for inflation in the country’s current economy.

The court of public opinion on inflation

Across the board, Americans have different ideas on who they view as responsible for inflation. However, according to a fresh poll from Trafalgar Group, more Americans blamed Biden for inflation than any other entity.

Breaking down the numbers reveals even more details. 39% of Americans currently view President Biden as the responsible source of growing inflation. Meanwhile, 17.9% of Americans told Trafalgar Group that they simply don’t know who bears responsibility for inflation. Only 17.7% of polled Americans faulted Trump for current inflation; that left just 14.4% of the country blaming Congress.