The Necessity of Continued Leadership Development, Succession and Contingency Planning


Maximize what you are doing by participating in seminars, mastermind groups, lunch and learns and speaking events where leadership is discussed as well as developing mastermind alliances with peers.  What resonates with you from those sessions must be applied to make them a part of your leadership skill set as soon as possible.  It might mean mentioning them or having training sessions on a book or topic with your team as well as used in your decision-making process at the earliest opportunity. However, this leadership training must lead to the understanding of the necessity for and the development of succession and contingency plans.

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There is a difference between deciding and doing.  If you have decided to improve your leadership ability that is a great start.  However, you must start.  John Maxwell gives an example of his father’s favorite riddle and it went like this:  Five frogs are sitting on a log.  Four decide to jump off.  How many are left?  Most of us respond instinctively, one.   However, there are five because deciding without doing means that no action was taken at all.  Decide and do today to make or continue your leadership development as a priority on your calendar.

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Lecora Bowen
We help leaders lead by engaging them in mastermind groups, coaching, training and speaking with the goal of increasing their effectiveness by leadership growth and development which should be an ongoing pursuit. The law of regression states that if you don't get better in leadership or anything else, you begin to regress or decline. There are few times in history that we have needed transformational leadership as we do today in every area of our lives, including in our homes. At Bowen Performance Systems we assist in maintaining and developing transformational leaders and encouraging legacy preservation through succession and contingency planning at all levels of the organization and family.