New Accusations of Sexual Discrimination Surface Against Andy Noga, GuideOne’s Former CEO


Groenheide’s sexual orientation was eventually discovered by Noga, whose formerly friendly demeanor and rapport with Mark allegedly turned icy at this point, and as Mark and others in the senior leadership team observed, Noga became progressively more disrespectful and demeaning towards Mark, even resorting to calling him derogatory and highly offensive slurs, such as “faggot”.

It has now come to light that Bruce LaRoche, who was hired by Noga as Vice President & Associate General Counsel at Aspen Insurance (“Aspen”) in April of 2011, also faced similar sexual discrimination in the workplace for his sexual orientation.

Additional Accusations against Andy Noga

LaRoche’s experience mirrors Groenheide’s in a number of ways. During the hiring process and for about a year thereafter, LaRoche did not disclose his identity as a gay man at work, in large part because he suspected Noga had anti-gay prejudices.

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