New Investigations Launched into Trump Inaugural Committee


Yesterday, America learned that investigations into the Trump Inaugural Committee are currently underway.

An Overview of the Trump Inaugural Committee Probe

At this time, federal prosecutors are currently looking into alleged wrongdoings by the Trump Inaugural Committee. Mismanagement of monies and acceptance of foreign funds in exchange for influence in the White House are the current charges being investigated.

News of the latest probe has quickly made headlines and commentary has already begun. On Thursday, Democrat Sen. Jack Reed stated that investigations are another example of “impropriety” on President Trump’s end. Reed delivered the following statements during an interview with CNN:

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“Again, it’s another shoe that has dropped. It seems like every day there’s another revelation of at least alleged impropriety by the Trump administration or his campaign.”

Reed then continued, stating that allegations of wrongdoing in the Trump administration “can’t [all] be made up.” Finally, the Democrat stated that impropriety amongst Trump and his associates is habitual.