New Legislation Could Refund Travelers For Flight Delays and Cancellations


Airlines sometimes hand out vouchers to travelers who face delayed or cancelled flights. However, these vouchers often come with expiration dates; furthermore, they are not always equal to the value in which travelers paid for their initial tickets.

Under the Cash Refunds for Flight Cancellations Act, travelers would be granted the option of choosing between a refund within one month’s time or a voucher. When choosing the latter, the voucher would come with no expiration date.

With massive flight cancellations happening during peak travel time and other moments, travelers continue to understandably express their frustrations.

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Necessary changes

During COVID-19, many airline workers took advantage of retirement opportunities offered to them. Some airlines also took the liberty of firing workers who refused to submit to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Today, this has led to major staffing shortages for airlines. These companies remain hard at work to find new recruits. However, the demand for these workers is far outpacing supply.