New Poll Indicates Cracks in Biden’s 2024 Support


As Joe Biden runs for a second term in the White House, the nation is watching.

So far, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) confirmed it has no plans to host any primary debates. This means Biden won’t have to get on a stage and defend his record against Democratic challengers Marianne Williamson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Though despite this clear move to help the president out, his support base might not be as stable as most would assume.

A brand new poll sheds light on an issue that should concern Biden and those working to get him another term in the Oval Office.

This doesn’t look good for the president

In a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, 51% of Americans who affirmed their plans to vote for Biden also stated this is subject to change.

Whether or not this bloc of Biden voters sticks with him or casts their ballots for another contender depends upon the events leading up to the party’s primary.

On the flip side, 46% of Biden voters told Quinnipiac University they wouldn’t be willing to support a candidate other than the president in the Democratic primary.