New Poll Marks Utter Flop for Biden’s Approval Ratings


The approval ratings of President Biden reflect the mounting dissatisfaction with the decisions he’s made since getting into office. Time and time again, the president has prioritized other interests over the interests of America.

Biden opened up the southern border and does absolutely nothing as Border Patrol officials are overwhelmed with border crossers, human smugglers, gangs, sex traffickers, and worse.

The president is now trying to rewrite history and feign as if the dismal September 2021 jobs report is a marker of progress. The reality is this jobs report missed the mark and further highlights the failures of Biden’s fiscal policies.

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Now, a brand new poll is out and, yet again, the numbers do not look good for the 46th president.

More hard knocks for President Biden

The latest data on Biden’s approval and disapproving ratings comes from Yahoo! News/YouGov. The survey was taken earlier this month; it also paints a very clear picture of what Americans think about Biden.

For starters, most Republicans (88%) and Independents (56%) do not approve of the president. Democrats overwhelmingly approve of Biden; however, when you look at the overall approval vs. disapproval of this president, those numbers are quite telling.

Right now, 50% of the country collectively disapproves of Biden. Meanwhile, just 42% conveyed to Yahoo News/YouGov that they approve of the current 46th president.

On the matter of Biden’s management of COVID, his approval vs. disapproval ratings shake out to 47% vs. 44%. However, it’s worth noting that the 46th president has not defeated coronavirus, in spite of his promises to do this.

Turning the chapter in America

It is high time for a new chapter to begin in the United States. The current path the nation is on right now is not sustainable or in the best interests of the country.

Biden won’t be up for re-election until 2024; however, the turning of a new chapter can begin during the 2022 midterms.

If Republicans are able to restore their majorities, they’ll have stronger ground to stop Biden. A GOP House majority will also mean that Nancy Pelosi no longer serves as House Speaker.

Likewise, if Republicans are able to win back congressional majorities, Biden’s socialist bills will not stand a chance of becoming laws.