New version of Google Pay is an all-in-one payment app with partner banks


There is an option to pay friends and family members through your contact list. Users can search for local retailers who accept Google Pay. And more retailers will be on-board.

Plex Banking scheduled for 2021

The app’s capabilities have been upgraded for seamless integration with Google’s ‘Plex’ banking service scheduled for 2021.

Plex represents the banks that are Google partners who will offer online checking and savings accounts within Google Pay. At launch, at least 11 partner banks will offer Plex accounts. 

Banks and credit unions are offering Plex accounts with no monthly fees, no overdraft fees, and free in-network ATM withdrawals. Citi was the first partner bank to have a waitlist. They are sending debit cards on sign up for when the service goes live.

Several consumers expressed complaints posted on the Google Play store that Google Pay is loading slow. However, the customer support seems to be on top of the issue and it’s still “Early Access.” Hopefully, users will be loading a streamlined app with innovative new features very soon.