New York City accuses Chipotle of violating its Fair Workweek Law

Chipotle Mexican Grill

New York City filed a lawsuit against Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) for allegedly violating workers’ right to predictable schedules.

On Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) Commissioner Lorelei Salas announced the lawsuit against Chipotle.

Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Salas alleged that the restaurant operator allegedly committed “widespread violations” of the City’s Fair Workweek Law.

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Under the law, fast food and retailers in New York City are required to provide predictable schedules and a pathway to stable, full-time employment for workers.

Details of the allegations against Chipotle

Chipotle allegedly failed to provide good faith estimates of work schedules. The company also failed to provide schedules two weeks in advance.

Additionally, it allegedly failed to get consent from workers and pay them premiums for last minute changes for working “clopenings.”

Furthermore, Chipotle allegedly failed to offer newly available shifts to current employees. The company is allegedly implementing an illegal sick leave policy.

The City’s legal action comes after the DCWP received complaints from more than 30 workers from Chipotle’s five restaurants in Brooklyn.

The department wants the company to pay at least $1 million in restitution or workers plus civil penalties.

The DCWP launched an investigation into 11 of the company’s restaurants in Manhattan over similar alleged violation of the Fair Workweek law.

In a statement, Mayor de Blasio, said, “In New York City, predictable schedules for fast food and retail workers are a right, not a privilege. No corporation can get away with blatantly violating the rights of New York City workers without consequences. Chipotle must immediately stop their unfair labor practices and put their employees above profit.”

On the other hand, Commissioner Salas commented, “It is disappointing that numerous Chipotle locations are ignoring the City’s Fair Workweek Law and continuing to take advantage of their workers. This case exemplifies the abusive practices that this law is intended to end, and Chipotle must come into compliance. I encourage all fast food workers to come forward if their right to a predictable schedule or new shift is being violated.”