New York City Protesters Demonstrate Against COVID Vaccine Mandates


Democrat leaders across the nation have remained consistently hellbent on forcing though COVID vaccine mandates. The clear intention of these mandates is to drive up coronavirus vaccination rates. This is why health official Leana Wen declared on national television that life should be made harder for the Americans who aren’t vaccinated.

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There is some irony to these COVID vaccine mandates. They are not having the wanted outcomes that Democrats hoped for. In fact, many Americans have chosen losing their jobs over getting a vaccine they don’t want or trust.

Moreover, public demonstrations and protests against COVID vaccine mandates are mounting. Just yesterday, protesters gathered in New York City to vocalize their opposition against forced coronavirus vaccinations.

The latest NYC protests against COVID vaccine mandates

Just yesterday, hundreds of protesters convened in Times Square to show the country’s leaders their problems with coronavirus vaccine mandates. This demonstration in the capital city of the Empire State also came as part of the World Freedom Rally.