New York Gov. Cuomo Has No Intention to Run for President in 2020


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shut down speculations that he is considering a run for president in 2020. The governor is frequently mentioned as a possible Democratic presidential contender.

During an interview with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer on Tuesday, Cuomo made it clear that he will not run for president in 2020. He is focused on doing job and completing his projects as governor.

I am ruling it out. I ran for governor, I have a full plate, I have many projects. I’m going to be here doing the job of governor. I am governor of New York and I have a lot to do,” said Cuomo.

It is not the first time Cuomo denied rumors that he is considering a 2020 presidential bid. During a debate with primary challenger Cynthia Nixon in August, he stressed his intention to serve a full term. At the time, he said, “The only caveat is if God strikes me dead. Otherwise, I will serve four years as governor of the state of New York.”

New Yorkers re-elected Cuomo to a third term during this month. His victory in the midterm elections means his constituents believe in his promise—to continue to fight to keep the state moving forward.

Over the past eight years, Cuomo embraced and implemented progressive policies such as raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, cutting state taxes for the middle-class, among others.

Political observers see him as one of the several potential Democratic presidential contenders due to his achievements and national profile as a vocal critic of President Donald Trump.

Cuomo says Democratic Party has a viable presidential candidate

However, Cuomo emphasized that he has his “own expectation” of the type of candidate the Democratic Party should pick to win the White House in 2020.

He said, “I have my own expectation of the candidate of what the Democratic Party needs to win. I think you’ll see a viable candidate in the Democratic field. It’s not going to be enough to be anti-Trump. We need a candidate who brings credibility and experience to the job and can connect with the people who we lost as Democrats … the working men and women of this country who went with Trump because of the void left by the Democratic Party, and I think that’s going to materialize.”

Cuomo reiterated, “You don’t have to sell them anti-Trump, we just saw that in the midterms. But you need a positive Democratic … not message, program that people believe can be put in place and will affect their lives and someone that has done that.”