New York governor asks Congress to renew Child Health Insurance Program


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo implored the Congress to renew the funding for Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

The governor’s request came after Hillary Clinton said the Congress missed the deadline to reauthorize CHIP for the first time.  The funding for CHIP expired at the end of September.

In statement, Cuomo said the failure to reauthorize the program jeopardizes health care for 350,000 children in New York.

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The governor said, “This program is the safety gap that provides preventive health care critical for children.” In New York, CHIP covers children whose families do not qualify for Medicaid and cannot afford any other insurance coverage.

New York tells Congress to stop playing politics

According to Cuomo, New York receives $1 billion in federal funding through the program. Without the funding, the state will not be able to continue its Child Health Plus program. Children under the program receive preventive care including checkups, immunizations, doctor visits, prescription coverage, dental and vision care.